Kerrin 2

Kerrin Smith

Kerrin Smith is on a quest to help empathy -- the practice of imagining how the world seems to another -- become a core social value. Her mediums of choice live in two domains: entrepreneurship and management designs that bring big goals to life, and the world of aesthetics.

Kerrin is the founder of Cool And Thoughtful, a lifestyle brand and way of being means being mindful, empathetic, and focused on generative problem-solving. She brings this ethos into the world through a bi-annual print magazine, activations that teach people how to be Cool And Thoughtful, and a pop-up concept shop on Broome Street where the Cool And Thoughtful ethos came to life through brand curation, events, and community-building conversations.

Prior to Incandescent, Kerrin graduated summa cum laude from NYU's Gallatin School for Individualized Study. Her concentration, The Local Economy of Fashion, explored how to shift passive consumerism to responsible global citizenship in the fashion industry, specifically through principled business leadership. Her TEDx Talk by the same name was the kernel of a business concept that ultimately led Kerrin to Incandescent as her ideal learning context as an entrepreneur. She does everything she can to make her free time (and scheduled time) Cool And Thoughtful.