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Ellen Brett

Ellen Brett is a pioneering marketer and healthcare strategist who finds growth opportunities for US brands facing changing, challenging market forces. Ellen has a keen ability to work within complex situations to develop critical market insights, frame opportunities and risks, bring focus to the key levers for business results, and align teams to deliver coordinated execution. During a prestigious 18-year career at Pfizer, Ellen was the go-to leader who successfully navigated the impact of consumerism, payer controls, and health reforms on the US brand business. Ellen launched or turned around a number of the most significant brands in the industry and her breakthrough results propelled her to the firm’s most senior marketing leadership position with responsibility for $13B in product revenues and $1B in expenses.

Ellen believes that changing market conditions require new perspectives and frameworks for brand development, planning and execution. She founded Brett Innovation to bring her expertise and customer-centered methodologies to senior executives seeking to improve critical U.S. launch decisions and performance. Her signature tool is the Triple LensTM, an actionable, insight-driven method that simplifies complexity and illuminates key levers in the evolving U.S. market. With the clarity, the context and a shared understanding of key levers enabled by the Triple LensTM, cross-functional teams can improve strategic decisions, focus resources, and more effectively execute customer plans.