We Advise

We serve as thought partners to CEOs, innovators, and entrepreneurs on how to build, transform, and renew their enterprises.

We work with leaders with ambitious visions, whose aspirations reach beyond simply optimizing their current operations or applying known best practices.

Our work focuses on the big questions:

  • Strategy: shaping and redefining strategic direction at the enterprise level
  • Execution: building the organization, culture, and talent necessary to achieve a new vision, a new level of performance, or a new magnitude of scale
  • Innovation: creating new businesses and new capabilities within established organizations

At times, we work on a project basis as consultancies traditionally do. More often, we advise top leaders over the course of the longer journey required to take an enterprise from one level to the next. Our work aims to integrate big-picture thinking with the focus on pivotal tactics that distinguishes the best entrepreneurs.

This perspective on our work shapes the kind of firm we’ve built: ambidextrous in working with big enterprises and early-stage ventures, flexible in our engagement models, generalist in our focus across sectors and industries, and deliberate about how we partner with a range of deep experts and specialist firms.