We Build Ventures

We are partners to founders, growing ideas into businesses that scale and endure.

We are passionate about the art of building companies.

We work as strategists, helping founders adapt the kernel of their ideas to new challenges and circumstances. We help build the right team in the right sequence, including helping founders succeed as CEOs. To ensure ventures execute at their full potential, we design management systems and operating processes.

Our portfolio includes ventures from an array of sectors, each with a truly distinctive vision. In our work with entrepreneurs, we engage in two main ways:

  • Acting as a co-founder to launch and build a venture
  • Playing a long-term “right-hand” advisor role to founders and their leadership teams

While from time to time we invest our own capital in certain ventures, we have not established a fund. We aim to achieve value primarily through engagement as entrepreneurs and advisors, rather than as investors. When we act as advisors to early-stage ventures, we are most often compensated entirely in equity.

Our ultimate yardstick reaches far beyond the financial. We aspire to play a role in building beautiful, groundbreaking companies, which grow into extraordinary cultures as well as valuable businesses.

Venture portfolio

Our advisory work is typically compensated wholly in options or equity for ventures from late seed stage through Series B. We work with innovators who have figured out how to solve an important problem and have the imperative to build a great company, capable of realizing the full potential of the core idea.