Lorraine Cropped

Lorraine Damerau

Lorraine has experience advising and supporting a range of companies (from Fortune 100s to investor backed start-ups to government and nonprofits) as they navigate questions at the intersection of strategy and organizational health. An engineer and economist by training, Lorraine has a passion for taking an interdisciplinary systems thinking approach to partnering with clients as they diagnose and resolve their most pressing challenges.

Prior to Incandescent, Lorraine was part of Accenture Strategy’s Operating Model and Organization Design practice (previously Kates Kesler Organizational Consulting), where she built deep expertise in how thoughtfully designed organizational systems enable strategic objectives. Her areas of focus included innovation and product management, M&A integration, executive governance and leadership collaboration, and designing new business units to enable growth.

Lorraine is a lifelong student with an MBA from London Business School, an MSc in Economics from University College London, and a BA in Physics / Theater & Performance Studies from Georgetown University. Outside of work, Lorraine is likely exploring NYC and the world with her husband, spending time with her extended family, or falling into a reading black hole for whatever topic has captured her interest that month.